Tuesday, May 6, 2008

More Cute Sayings and Ideas for your Kids Rooms!

Looking for a cute way to spruce up your little ones room? Take a look at these adorable sayings and boards that would finish off any room or space. You can purchase a finished board with saying or just the vinly letters to apply directly on the wall. (Prices vary with size and boards)

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Gillian Gauthier said...

Love your work! What a great idea! I would love to get something made up with my family's names on it ... and I love the ones for the kid's bedrooms!

If you'd be interested, I'd love to do a giveaway of one of your items on my blog, as well ... let me know what you think! I'd love to promote your work and get your blog out to more people/readers!


Lolly Jane said...

These really are darling. Don't be surprised if I steal some pics. ;) HEY-my other comp showed your blog background as cream. I LOVE the light pink demask, it's gorgeous. I'm jealous now!! Funny!

The Hollemans said...

Hey Im doing my little girls room in pink and brown with butterflies, so Id love to have the butterfly quote, only with butterflies and not ladybugs, and some thing with her name on it, already on boatrds, can you give me prices on that? And thats just for her room, Ive got a whole new house to decorate, so can you tell me prices, and shipping etc.? Thanks.